Ash was born in Conway,South Carolina on February 25th, 1987. He was known to be a kind, and very protective person/werewolf. He had a tendancy to inspire fear in his victims.

Early LifeEdit

Ash was born into a very wealthy family in South Carolina, and was very strong-willed as a child.

As he went into high school, he was the starter QB on the football team, named the; "Conway Wolves". He was also a very big partier in his junior and senior years.

Years afterEdit

We he left high school, he was expecting to enlist into the 75th Army Regiment. But, he was transformed into a werewolf. (exact cause is unknown).


Ash had blonde hair (which he constantly spiked) and intense blue eyes. He was fairly tall of 5' 11". He had a strong athletic build, and was very powerful as a werewolf.


  • Well, Only one relationship has been uncovered by a friend of his. This relationship is between him and Samantha Greene. This girl has been all over Ash since she met him in the woods one day

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