Carmen K. Mendez is a human female who became one of several captives of a growing Xenomorph hive. An environmental scientist traveling with a group of colonists to a strange new world, her group was attacked and killed by the Xenomorph Hybrid while she was taken back to the hive. She has become one of the favorite companions of the Hybrid's human female mate.

History Edit

Not much is known about Carmen's past life. She used to be an environmental scientist, traveling to the planet where the Hybrid established its hive. She was part of a team of colonists, hoping to start a civilization on the world. Carmen's purpose was likely to help grow crops for their food source as well as study the flora.

Her team was targeted by the Xenomorph Hybrid, who had established a secret hive. Killing off all her companions, the creature saw potential in Carmen. Choosing to spare her, it dragged her back to its hive after choking her into unconsciousness, and placed her in a pod.

Carmen was then revealed to the Hybrid's mate as a potential side lover for her own human tastes. Despite her situation, Carmen was instantly attracted to the girl, and was willing to put off any sort of escape, at least temporarily, to get some time to know the girl; instead, the girl chose to quickly get physical, which Carmen didn't seem to mind as the pair made love. Sharing a strong orgasm, Carmen subjected herself to a life in the hive, growing rather interested in being a part of the haven.

Carmen was the first of the female's human companions to be impregnated through her new biology. Only slightly surprised at first, Carmen was very eager to have alien creatures nurturing in her body, which her partner obliged by inseminating her. Carmen's body was quick to adjust, negating all pain and discomfort only after a few repeated impregnations later on.

One notable encounter with Carmen saw the Hybrid's mate meet her at the hive's spawn pool. The pair talked briefly, started making out, and ended up swimming together in the pool while making love. Carmen subjected herself once again to the girl, who inseminated her just as before.

Carmen remains one of the mate's favorite companions. She has been impregnated several dozen times. Aside from the mate, Carmen has also sometimes been impregnated by the hybrid itself.

Appearance Edit

Carmen is a young woman of mixed Caucasian-Spanish descent, just a couple years into adulthood. About 5'3" tall, she has long curly black hair that goes slightly past her shoulders, brown eyes, and olive skin. She once wore glasses, but since her integration into the hive has stopped wearing them along with any clothes at all.