"It doesn't matter if there's an edge -- or if we occasionally cross it. As long as the innocent are protected -- our cause is just."

Daniel "Danny" Ketch is one of the Ghost Riders, supernaturally enhanced beings that wield the power of the Spirit of Vengeance. A lone adventurer seeking retribution for his past and future, Danny seeks out those in need, fighting against mortal and demonic threats to the innocent of humankind.


Early LifeEdit

Danny was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised with his sister Barbara by a widowed woman named Francis Ketch. The two grew up only knowing Ms. Ketch as their mother, not knowing the truth of their births to an unknown set of parents.


On Halloween night when they were teenagers, Danny took his sister Barbra to a graveyard to give her the opportunity to take pictures of the grave of Harry Houdini. During this excursion, the siblings stumbled upon a confrontation between two gangs, one led by "Deathwatch" and the other made up of cronies belonging to the Kingpin. The two gangs began fighting each other, and Barbra cried out, causing Deathwatch to become alerted to her presence.

Barbara was gravely wounded with an arrow through the chest by one of Deathwatch's henchmen. Danny grabbed his sister's failing body and ran away to a nearby junkyard. Distressed, he hid there with Barbara from Deathwatch's henchmen, and while hiding there he noticed a pristine motorcycle that drew his attention. Inspecting the bike, he noticed the gas cap started glowing when he approached it, bearing a mysterious sigil. Upon touching the sigil, Danny transformed into a Ghost Rider; his howls of pain due to the transformation attracted the attention of the gansters, who moved to ambush him and were horrified by what he had become.

Only somewhat influenced by the Ghost Rider's presence, Danny used his newfound powers to subdue the gangsters, but was unable to save Barbara who slipped into a coma due to the injury. Believing her dead, Danny gave into despair and, controlled by the Spirit of Vengeance, confronted the henchmen of Deathwatch, beginning to torture them with his powers; when he was interrupted by the arrival of the police, Danny left Barbra's body behind and escaped the police on his flaming motorbike, which had also been transformed when Danny touched the glowing gas cap. Eventually Ghost Rider drove into a secluded alleyway where he turned back into Daniel Ketch.

First daysEdit

Danny later located Barbara, who was still recovering in the hospital, and was overjoyed at her being alive. She would be able to recover, but it would take time due to the nature of the injury. Promising to keep her safe, Danny tried to balance his new calling as Ghost Rider with visiting his sister; this did not work out so well, and just a few nights later he was forced to reveal his newfound identity and power to her. Shocked at what he became, she confided in his humanity and proclaimed she still loved Danny for who he was.

First test, BlackoutEdit

Danny ultimately ran into a demonic entity known as Blackout, who had assumed a human form and was caught by Danny harming an innocent. Transforming into the Ghost Rider, the two had a long battle which ended in Danny's victory when Blackout tried to take a bite out of Danny's shoulder, burning his face from the Ghost Rider's hellfire as a result. Retreating, Blackout swore vengeance on Danny, who resumed his lifestyle of supporting his sister and punishing the guilty.

Death in the familyEdit

Blackout, later finding out who Danny was and learning those close to him, sought Barbara in the hospital she was staying in. He plotted his move carefully, slipping into the building while Danny was away. Locating her room, he visited her and began telling her that he knows all about her brother, that he's been watching him and knows that he's the Ghost Rider. He planned on causing Dan unendurable pain, beginning with her, and murdered her in slow agony.

Danny Ketch 03
Sensing the attack, Danny quickly tried to make it to the hospital to protect his sister, but by the time he arrived it was too late; he entered the room to find her viciously tortured and broken, lifeless corpse. Swearing revenge on Blackout, Danny submitted himself fully to the life of the Ghost Rider, dedicating himself a force of justice with no bounds to the Earth in order to pursue Blackout, those in league with him, those responsible for his creation, and anyone that would register as a similar threat to the innocent so that no one would ever have to suffer like him ever again.

Rookie RiderEdit

Through some event, Danny met Robbie Reyes, a similarly enhanced being who had powers like that of the Ghost Rider. They ended up becoming allies, fighting together against dark threats to humankind.

Rescue Daisy JohnsonEdit

After Robbie reported his failure in defeating the powerful Demon Lilith and the subsequent inability to rescue a human female he had met before, Danny went on to search for Lilith himself to save the girl from damnation. After a couple of days, he managed to locate them hiding out in the underground dig of an abandoned shack, out in the wilderness by an interstate road. Danny entered, and after engaging his transformation into the Ghost Rider, fought off Lilith's influence from Daisy and helped her free herself from the Demon. Slowly gaining an advantage over Lilith when Daisy realized what was happening to herself and started fighting back against Lilith, Danny was then forced to fight a horde of Demon imps while Lilith went after Daisy. Though Lilith managed to sway Daisy back to her and for a moment almost won her back to herself, a blast of hellfire from Danny separated the pair, helped clean Daisy's mind, and the pair worked together and managed to drive Lilith away.

After the fight, Danny led Daisy outside and resumed his human form. After exchanging words of thanks and gratitude, Daisy watched as Danny rode off into the distance, allowing her to walk herself back to her home without his interference.

Search for Johnny BlazeEdit

Danny resumed his adventures, until visited by Peter Quill. Explaining who he was, Peter then told Danny how he visited a girl in a park who was attacked by a Demonic female who outsmarted the pair despite them working together, and stole her away into some other realm. Instantly recognizing the girl as Daisy and the Demon as Lilith, Danny commissioned Peter to join him in an effort to rescue Daisy quickly, knowing that Lilith's power was far greater in her home realm and would easily overpower Daisy's will; she had very little time to live.

However, it didn't take Danny and Peter long of searching before realizing they didn't have any way of knowing which part of the underworld of Hell Lilith might have taken Daisy to, nor how they would get there. Knowing of a previous Ghost Rider who may have better knowledge of the matter, Danny brought Peter along in his search for the one who defied Mephisto and brought great shame to the Demon Lord: Johnny Blaze.

Ghost Rider 07

Danny Ketch sharing the energy of the Power Stone with Peter Quill

In order to locate the wandering Ghost Rider, Peter suggested they tap into a tremendous energy source. He unveiled his possession of the Orb, revealed the Power Stone inside, and bid Danny to touch him when he activated it. Upon making contact with the Power Stone, Peter and Danny were quickly pummelled by its intense energy, forcing Danny to transform into his Ghost Rider form to withstand the power and enable Peter to survive its use. They were able to successfully withstand the power long enough for Danny to use its energy to locate Johnny Blaze, quickly releasing the stone and containing it back within the Orb immediately after. Danny then led Peter towards the location that they traced.


It is not fate that has lead us to be what we are, nor is it entirely choice. But it is up to us to have faith that what we do is for the greater good. We must believe in ourselves.



Danny Ketch 01
Danny Ketch is a caucasian american man with fair skin, brown hair and green eyes. He stands 5'2" and weighs 180 lbs as a human.

Ghost RiderEdit

As a Ghost Rider, Danny adopts the standard appearance of a skeleton wrethed in hellfire. His outfit adopts a slightly darkened costume of a leather biker's jacket with gloves and dark pants. His jacket and gloves come with extended spikes which burst forth when he assumes his Ghost Rider form. He stands 6'2" and weighs 220 lbs.


Ghost Rider 02
Danny Ketch possesses all the powers of the Ghost Rider. Unlike most, however, he wields a unique development of the Ghost Rider which is initiated by a mystical sigil on his motorcycle's gas cap. This mystical item provides a more controlled version of the Spirit of Vengeance, allowing Danny to act of his own will while in Ghost Rider form. It also protects him, to a certain degree, from detection and influence by demonic entities such as Mephisto, who has a degree of control over his Ghost Riders. His transformation is not automatically induced when in the presence of those spilling innocent blood at night; rather, these two factors are necessary to trigger it, with the actual catalyst being physically touching the sigil on his Motorcycle's gas cap. If he does not touch the gas cap, he does not transform, but does experience delusion, discomfort, and feelings of intense violence.

Physical traitsEdit

As Ghost Rider, Danny is capable of the following:

  • Superhuman Strength, sufficient to lift 10 tons.
  • Superhuman Stamina, to the point of effectively limitless stamina in all physical activities. His body as a Ghost Rider does not possess any muscles and therefore any form of producing or feeling the effects of fatigue toxins.
  • Superhuman Durability, capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, high caliber bullets, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor, enabling him to rapidly heal any damage his Ghost Rider form takes as a result of attacks that can overcome his durability.

Despite his high resistance to damage and harm while he was transformed into Ghost Rider, Ketch could still sustain any damage and/or harm. however, the mystical energies of the Ghost Rider enabled him to rapidly heal any damage and/or harm rapidly faster, greater and better than any ordinary human being is capable of. his regenerative powers are powerful and rapid they allow him to regenerate in a matter of moments/seconds depending on the damage and/or harm.


As Ghost Rider, Ketch possessed the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Hellfire is an emphyreal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body.

He could utilize this fire in various ways, including:

  • Casting blasts of Hellfire from his hands in any shape and form.
  • Projecting streams of Hellfire from the empty sockets of the eyes in his skull.
  • Breathing Hellfire from his maw.
  • Generating Hellfire from his entire body or out of thin air, such as explosions or walls of Hellfire that appear some distance from him.
  • Channeling Hellfire through objects he is in contact with, such as a firearm, melee weapon, and Motorcycle.
  • Creating a new Motorcyle purely out of Hellfire in the absence of his physical one.

Penance StareEdit

As Ghost Rider, Ketch possessed the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into his eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime. He can control the degree to which the Stare punishes its targets, either helping to purge them from telepathy or mental influence, or completely burning away their entire soul and lifeforce from the brink of existence.

This, however, has several limitations. Below is a list of scenarios in which the Ghost Rider's Penance Stare cannot function:

  • If the target is high on drugs like cocaine.
  • If the person is blind.
  • If the victim happens to be mentally unstable or insane.
  • If the person wholeheartedly believes whatever sins they've done are fully justified, with no doubt whatsoever that what they've done was wrong.
  • If he cannot make eye contact due to the victim having a different spread of eyes such as far on the sides of the head or having more eyes than he can face all at once.
  • If the target is a Symbiote-paired being, which may knock the Ghost Rider unconcious.
  • If the target does not have a soul.



Danny Ketch possesses a length of heavy chain approximately 3 feet long which possesses magical properties. Below are the things he can do with it:

  • Supernaturally strong to be almost unbreakable by conventional means, also able to smash and cut through most conventional materials.
  • Move through the power of thought as an extension of his mind like a limb, to strike enemies or wrap around objects.
  • Grow and shrink in length.
  • Solidifying into a rigid form such as a straight spear, or possessing bend or angles to form a hook or ring.
  • Separating the links to be hurled and manipulated like shuriken.
  • Become laced with Hellfire to enhance its attack power and damage supernatural creatures.

In addition, Danny can produce additional chains with similar properties from his body, such as his mouth and chest.


The common theme of the Ghost Rider is a human host who transforms into a flaming-skull-headed vehicle/animal rider with supernatural powers, prominently featured alongside their mode of transportation. Danny Ketch's motorcycle undergoes a radical transformation as a Ghost Rider, changing from a conventional bike to an almost futuristic cycle that appears powerful and high-tech. It features the following traits:

  • Virtually indestructable by conventional means.
  • Is capable of being summoned from anywhere by mental command, and can move by itself.
  • Sports the traditional flaming wheels of the Ghost Rider motorcycles.
  • A Shield-like battering ram on the front for smashing through obstacles and bashing objects or enemies away with brute force.
  • Able to reach speeds far faster than any conventional land vehicle.
  • Supernatural enhancement enables no need for mechanical maintenance or refueling.
  • Capable of pulling off impossible feats such as riding straight up vertical surfaces or across bodies of water.



  • Danny Ketch has no ties to Mephisto, due to the mystical nature of his Ghost Rider power; rather, instead of his soul being offered to Mephisto and his body bound to a Spirit of Vengeance, it is actualy the sigil on his motorcycle's gas cap that has a binding with a Spirit of Vengeance. This Spirit is then passed on to Ketch's body through physical contact, transferred through the sigil to inhabit Ketch. This Spirit, unlike the demonic entities Mephisto uses to create his Riders, is more reserved and controlled; the Spirit works in tandem with Ketch, rather than fighting against him for dominance.