Esper 1

Example of an Esper accessing his powers

Espers are supernaturally powered humans. Normally, they are unable to access any of their abilities, being fully normal and human-like. However, once supernatural phenomena begin to occur, an Esper will gain access to their power.


The origin of Espers has something to do with humans and supernatural entities being linked in the past. It is currently unknown how this came to be. Espers were first noticed when Evan revealed to Sam in an encounter with his old friend Kyle that the two of them were not normal humans. They got in a superpowered fight, ending with Kyle knocked out. A giant Celestial amoeba creature appeared, and Evan had to dismember it before Sam exterminated its remaining pieces.

A small squad of Espers were then assembled with Kyle leading them to find Sam and Evan and capture them. However, they were all killed by Thompson, save for Kyle, who was killed by Sam. They were revived shortly thereafter by Sam.

Kyle then captured Korie, Sam's sister, to test if she could be an Esper and what Evan's reaction would be to it. Lacey, another Esper, tried to torture Korie with kissing her, because she got bored. However, Korie went right along with it. One Esper briefly interrupted and soon left. Evan then knocked Lacey out and rescued Korie; however, a large amount of Espers ambushed them, and Korie ended up teleporting herself, Lacey, and Evan out of there, much to her and Evan's surprise. After this, Agency 1337 attacked theit building and subsequently killed several Espers, losing Agents of their own as well. 1337 and the Espers are currently at war.

Known EspersEdit

  • Evan
  • Kyle
  • Lacey
  • Olivia

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Each Esper has a basic set of energy manipulation abilities. For example, all Espers can generate an aura that can be used for offense or defense, and can fly. They can also launch balls of energy that explode on targets. However, Each Esper can manipulate his or her abilities and make them unique. For example, an Esper can learn to manipulate elements such as Fire, Water, or Ice, or use other powers such as a cloak of shadow or teleportation.

Each Esper's powers are only accessible once the balance of normality is tipped. In regular circumstances, Espers are just as human as anyone else.

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