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Evan Buss was born on October 3rd, 1986, in Carson City, Nevada to Heather and Kyle Buss, whom have passed away and abandoned the family, respetively. He was raised in a foster home with 2 brothers, one older and one younger. He moved out when he was 15 to an adopted family with his little brother, to a Kyle and Olivia Keller.

Nothing too interesting happened in his life other than school. He managed to succeed in education enough to move into his own home.

His life changed one day when he was out buying books and games at a mall. There he met Samantha Greene, who was waiting for her boyfriend. He took an interest in the way she looked and happened to be there, and took her home. There, he was allowed in, and also realized he liked her in more ways than he thought. She ended up killing her Boyfriend when she was reminded how pissed off she was at him, and ended up turning Evan into a werewolf, like herself, to keep the blood of her clan surviving. He ended up confessing his love for her, so the two of them are currently lovers. Then Sam says to Evan, "Why don't we get married?" Evan is shocked to know about this. But, he says yes.

Eventually, odd events started happening as Evan and Sam became more romantically active. The two were pursued by a Government agency, whom looked similar to Men in Black. Evan was shot in the gut in their first skirmish, leaving him out of action for a while. He healed, and then the agent that took over looking after Sam after going rogue from the agency disappeared.

Evan then met Sam's sister, Korei, and was seduced into mating with her. He started to enjoy their connection, noting that Korei was smoother than Sam. However, she eventually caused him to realize that Sam was more important and that he should stick with her. Korei said that she'd find another man to be with. Soon after taking her home, Evan met Sam at a gas station. Here, an old companion of Evan's revealed himself. This person, Kyle, eventually had a supernaturally powered fight with Evan, revealing them both to be Espers.

Eventually defeating Kyle, Evan then disabled a giant, amoebic creature before it could cause more rampant destruction. Sam then was enraged deliberately as her plan by Evan, so she could unleash her rage and destroy the remaining break-off pieces of the creature.
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Evan as a Demon Esper for Sam, the Hell Queen