The Evolved were individuals created by Alex Mercer for the purpose of infiltrating organizations set to destroy him, such as Blackwatch and Gentek. Their ultimate goal, however, is to aid him in spreading the BLACKLIGHT Virus across the world and infect the entirety of humanity and all other life.

History Edit

Upon Alex Mercer's return to New York City, he initiated the Second BLACKLIGHT Outbreak, starting the viral infestation once again at Penn Station. With him directing the virus in an aggressive manner, humanity could do little to stop him, and were forced to isolate thousands of people and military personnel in Manhattan in an effort to contain the virus.

Despite his best attempts to break the new quarantine, Mercer was unable to spread his primary army of infected very far outside of Manhattan. Knowing that he could very well be destroyed in a matter of time, he decided to use his infiltration skills and shapeshifting powers to sneak through checkpoints throughout the other boroughs of New York, silently capturing high-level personnel in Blackwatch and Gentek.

Instead of consuming them and risk detainment and death at the hands of Blackwatch in the attempt of a singular escape, Mercer took a slower, but safer approach; he generated a new strain of the BLACKLIGHT and infected his captives with it, creating a new breed of infected individuals bestowed with great power but still below him. They were made to follow his every command in his attempt to bring down Blackwatch and Gentek, to facilitate the infection's escape. Thus were the Evolved born.

The Evolved began their work, returning to their positions without any sign that they were changed by Mercer; to outsiders, they appeared just as human and normal as before. The only possible signs that they were different went entirely unnoticed; a little 'mistake' here or a 'plan gone wrong' there, as well as changes in protocols and objectives throughout administration that brought down the performance of military intelligence and performance just enough to buy Mercer more time.

Known Evolved Edit

  • Samantha Greene
  • Sabrina Galloway
  • Dr. Anton Koenig
  • Dr. Karen Archer
  • Commander Chaplin
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Collins
  • Dennis Wayne
  • Elwood Pine
  • Dr. Harry Gutierrez
  • Dr. Jenkins
  • Keith Gallagher
  • Dr. Kishino
  • Dr. Lawrence Foster
  • Roland
  • Kamil Woinski
  • Lindsay Benhurst

Powers/Abilities Edit

The Evolved are intermediate BLACKLIGHT entities; while far more powerful than infected civilians and other viral creatures, they are only slightly more powerful than Runners, and are unable to contend with the power of Prototypes. Unlike infected civilians, Evolved keep their full intelligence and sentience when infected, allowing them to resume 'normal' activities and pass on as uninfected humans entirely unnoticed by society, with their memories and thoughts intact; unlike Prototypes, the viral strain they are infected with do not completely destroy their bodies when they are rewritten into BLACKLIGHT beings, thus they are not killed during the transformation process and therefore remain alive. Instead, when their bodies are altered, their minds are altered as well, becoming viral biomass and their sentient thoughts and intelligence tainted and twisted by Mercer's will. Though they are fully self-aware and not mindless drones controlled by Mercer, their brains are rebuilt to be more inclined to follow his commands, as if what he says is the only right thing to do.

As BLACKLIGHT entities, the Evolved possess enormous amounts of strength, speed, durability, stamina and regeneration. Their senses are far stronger than any human, able to use a sort of sonar to hunt their targets. Evolved can survive grueling injuries and tremendous falls, but not to the extend of Prototypes. The Evolved also possess shapeshifting powers like the Prototypes, allowing them to assume disguises of anyone they consume as well as morphing their limbs into weapons such as claws, hammerfists, blades, shields and whipfists. The Evolved can scale walls by running, cling to surfaces, glide or dash through the air, consume humans and other creatures to increase their power, and heal from almost any injury. The Evolved can also spread the virus, either the basic strain used to turn people into infected civilians, the variant used to create other creatures, or even make more Evolved as displayed by some. They also cannot be detected by the current line of Viral scanners, allowing them easy infiltration into Military installations as well as Blackwatch and Gentek.

Each member of the Evolved also possess a unique power that no other Evolved has; they seem to be traits replicating one of Mercer's additional powers, such as remaining undetected from hunting, use of the biobomb, summoning a pack of a variety of infected creatures (with each Evolved summoning a specific creature), using a devastator, etc.

Despite their power, the Evolved do have limits; they stand no match to a Prototype alone, and even in groups they would be quickly annihilated. The Evolved also do not have command over the creatures of the BLACKLIGHT Virus themselves; in order to use creatures, they have to generate them from their own biomass, a process that takes time and vitality, leaving them greatly vulnerable. Additionally, while their regeneration powers are high, it requires biomass to fuel, thus leaving their regeneration to slow throughout a prolonged battle without consumption. This can eventually lead their regenerative abilities to cease altogether when they run out of fuel, leaving them open to being killed or consumed.

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