Jelica Wesa


September 19






120 lbs

Hair Color

Blue (with purple streaks)

Eye Color



Jelica Wesa was a famous cosplayer who was very well known in the U.S. and Japan.

History Edit

Born Jessica Webster, she was raised in a modest household built on religion. By age 10, she started a YouTube channel where she did makeup tutorials. By age 13, her channel took a huge turn as she began to cosplay different comic book characters. This caused Jessica to gain a huge fanbase. The media ate up her now glamorous lifestyle. At age 19, she was one of the biggest Internet celebrities, where she attended as many as 12 comic conventions per week. It was also at this point where the news of family scandals began to arise. Now going by her cosplaying name, she tried to deny any involvement in the embezzlement of money made by her clothing company, Epsilon. Many of her fans began to speak out against Jelica and boycott her. At the age of 22, she became nothing but a social outcast who spent two years in jail for stealing money from a shitty clothing line.

Present Day Edit

Jelica has been widely forgotten about and still attends conventions abeit in disguise. Recently, she began dating a girl she met at one convention in her home town.