Korie Greene was born on April 24, 1982 in Moscow, Russia to Daniel and Mary Greene. She was raised in Kentville, Washington. She loves her family, life, and Jesus.

Her LifeEdit

Korie's life was a great one. She always got good grades and test scores in school. She always prayed everyday. She loved meeting new people. Yet, one thing always troubled her... Her sister, Sam.

Meeting Sam, once moreEdit

Korie came over to Sam's place one day and was greeted by a handsome fellow named Evan. He invited her in and he went upstairs to get Sam. But, Evan came back down saying to Korie that Sam didn't want to see her. So, Evan gave Korie some breakfast. But Korie wanted to know Evan "deeper" So, she convinced Evan to mate her. Evan took her to an aboandound apartment complex and took her to an empty room and they mated. Afterwards, Evan wanted to be with Korie forever, but she convinced Evan to go back to Sam.
Skillet awake and alive lyrics

Skillet awake and alive lyrics