Lilith is a powerful demon that sways the hearts of others using her seductive tricks and abilities. She increases her power through the absorption of life forces, mortal and otherwise. Lilith stands as one of the most dangerous superpowered creatures from the underworld.

History Edit

Genesis Edit

It has been rumored that according to some accounts of Biblical history, it was Lilith that enticed Eve to eat the fruit, not Lucifer. These rumors suggest Lilith in fact seduced the first woman into betraying her court with Adam sometime after, remaining in the company of the Demon. Eve would then have died sometime after, as Lilith would have absorbed her life force through continuous sexual intercourse. While it is impossible to prove whether this account stands as true, it is more than likely false, as Lilith happens to tell it to her victims for their interest and cannot be trusted with providing a tale which could hold any truth to it.

Mephisto Edit

More than likely, Lilith is just an extraordinarily powerful demonic individual like Mephisto, and it is possible the two have some sort of shared history. Neither of the two creatures display any sense of liking for the other, however, due to their similar desires to obtain all the souls of the living. This causes the pair to compete to great extents.

First encounter with Daisy Edit

One day, Lilith was scouring the human world for her next victim, the next of a long line of unfortunate mortals. The one she found was a superhumanly powered female by the name of Daisy, otherwise known as Quake. Lilith wrapped herself in mortal form and appeared to Daisy, slowly enticing the girl to her attention and swaying Daisy's interest towards her. Eventually, as their conversation continued, Lilith managed to seduce Daisy into spending the night with her; when Lilith ensured security in a run-down hotel managed by her underlings, she further seduced Daisy into furthering their company into love making. The result was powerful; Daisy, despite witnessing a half-transformation of Lilith, succumbed to her overridden desires and was put to sleep by the powerful shared orgasm.

The next day, Daisy woke to Lilith's smiling face, and was content with staying with Lilith for the rest of the day. However, the appearance of two Ghost Riders, who came to save Daisy, disrupted these plans temporarily. The Riders, one being Robbie Reyes who had already met Daisy and the other one an unfamiliar Rider by the name of Danny Ketch, fought valiantly against Lilith, breaking her seductive hold on Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy was still partially in a trance, free from the seduction but her mind scattered and unable to focus, therefore making her unable to try to flee herself. This, coupled with the Rider's inability to match their power to Lilith's, resulted in their defeat. Though Daisy went unconscious from the spiritual strain on her, she was retrieved by the Demon, who knocked the Riders out and fled the hotel to a retreat far outside of town.

Here, Daisy's energy regathered over the course of a week before she was able to reawaken. Finding herself in pitch darkness and muteness, Daisy was visited by Lilith before she could try to wander off. Lilith, using her seductive talent and beautiful look, almost instantly swayed the girl back to her interest, and in less than a minute the pair made love again. Assuming her full natural form later in their sex, Lilith was glad she had Daisy's heart fully for her as the girl made no negative reactions to it. After the mutual orgasm, Daisy entered a deep sleep with Lilith; upon awakening the next day, the Demon and the girl immediately had sex again, and continued to do so for days without end.

It took a full month before Danny Ketch, one of the two Ghost Riders that failed to save Daisy before, was able to find Lilith's new abode. He managed to catch Lilith away from Daisy, and activated his power; this simultaneously drew Lilith into a fight, and therefore her concentration away from Daisy, while his presence began to clear the girl's thoughts. Daisy found herself clothed and witnessing a fight between the powerful Demon that was her lover and one of Mephisto's agents gone rogue.

Realizing the evil nature of Lilith and that she was used, planned on being killed for some monster's power, Daisy teamed up with Ketch to defeat Lilith. Their combined effort was barely enough to hold their own; the pair found it quite difficult to stand against Lilith. Lilith herself, however, also had trouble bringing the pair down, so she summoned a horde of her surviving demon imps to aid her against the Ghost Rider while she tried to sway Daisy back to her. Though her words were not enough to sway Daisy back given that the human knew she would die in Lilith's company coupled with the fact she was being used as "food" and that Lilith's true form was quite unappealing and horrifying, a forced pin and kiss was sufficient to dissuade the girl from freedom. Though she still had an opportunity and choice to fight against it, Daisy grew more reluctant, and ended up giving in to the primal desires touched by Lilith; the pin and forced kiss turned into a loving embrace and makeout. Daisy had lost the care for her personal safety or the looks of Lilith's demon body; temporarily forgetting where she was and who her rescuer was, Daisy was slipping back into Lilith's grasp.

Thankfully, a blast of Hellfire from Ketch, who had fended off the imps, caught her attention, purging her thoughts and separating the pair. Lilith was unable to find another chance to seduce Daisy, and ultimately was sent back to the underworld by Ketch.

Second encounter/return to the RealmEdit

A few days after the battle, Lilith had recovered her energies enough to return to the mortal world. She began her search for Daisy, having to start the trek all over again since Ketch's intervention had separated the pair seemingly for good.

It would take several weeks before Lilith managed to find Daisy again. The meeting occurred in a park in Daisy's hometown; disguising herself with magic so that her human appearance was unfamiliar to the human, Lilith ended up starting a conversation with Daisy on a park bench. After a few minutes, Lilith discarded the magic, revealing herself to Daisy and attempting to suade her to her side once more. The girl, remembering what the demon had done to her and knowing she would die, flatly refused and prepared to fight Lilith again. This time, help came in the form of Peter Quill, who happened upon the park just as the fight began.

Lilith would use the help of her demon fiends, who had replenished their numbers somewhat since the last fight. Among them was a larger warrior standing 3-4 times larger than a human, though Daisy and Quill managed to defeat it nontheless.

However, during the distraction of the battle Lilith had slipped away, and looked for her opportunity. Finding it during the lapse of combat, the demon seized Daisy and immediately pulled her into an interdimensional portal. The portal closed the moment they slipped through, preventing Quill from going after her. Forcing the rescuer to travel and find help to get Daisy, Lilith finally got her human back and she wasn't about to let her go.

Daisy found herself tied to a slab in Lilith's actual, natural home in a small cave-like chamber, somewhere deep within a hellish world. Whether it was an extension of Mephisto's Realm or Lilith's Realm altogether remained a mystery, though she had no time to think of it herself due to Lilith's attempt to seduce her once more. Daisy put up quite the resistance to the demon, requiring Lilith to put more effort in her words and gentle touches. Ultimately, the demon proved to be successful against the human's mortal mind, and though the process took several long minutes, she finally managed to convince Daisy to give it a try.

Promising Daisy she would be gentle at first, Lilith began again with her smooth form against the human, slow and soft kisses coupled with a simple hug. This pulled any of Daisy's potential barriers, if she had any, down and discarded away. When Lilith could tell the human was liking it and began to desire more, she freed Daisy from her bonds; in short time, the pair was actively lovemaking once more. Finally, Lilith had the human back in her clutches, and for the fourth time in a state of mind that she didn't want to leave. Their sex was more powerful than any before, and Daisy's repeated exposure to Lilith in the past made her remain active even after their powerful mutual orgasm, allowing them to continue having sex for a few more hours without end before she slipped into sleep.

Current stateEdit

Lilith still has Daisy in her clutches continuing to this day. It has been about ten days since she took the human to her realm, and the pair have only ceased their lovemaking when she lets the girl rest to recover her energy. As Peter Quill and help in the form of Ghost Riders attempt to find where Lilith is keeping the girl, the demon concentrates solely on feeding on Daisy. The sheer amount of soul absorption through their lovemaking puts a strain on Daisy's energy; though Lilith's presence and occasional rest periods extends the long-term amount of time they can keep going at it, eventually the human's mortal soul will be drained of all its energy and be taken completely. However, Daisy is in no state to resist or fight back; due to Lilith's initial seduction, which has gone to continuous mental overriding from her constant presence and lovemaking, Daisy cares not for her personal state, practically in love with the demon and wanting to give her soul to the creature.

Lilith continues to actively make love with Daisy, who has given herself completely to the demon. Their sex does not end until several countless hours, where Lilith allows Daisy to sleep to recover a small amount of her energy before draining it again, sucking it through the human's body during sex.

Personality Edit

Lilith, a demon, harbors negative emotions and does not care about the safety or interest of others. She is the prime embodiment of the sin of Lust; to go with this, she appears to manifest as pansexual; having an attraction to members of either male or female gender. This goes well with her demonic nature, as many who follow Biblical teachings consider her versatility as a "wrongness" due to incorporating homosexuality.

Of course, Lilith is among all the demons that not only don't care about such things, but seeks to destroy all teachings of it since it goes against her will. However, this isn't to say she supports free sexuality; rather, it is in regards that she seeks to claim the souls of all mortals no matter their preference, and due to her power and nature being tied to sexual interactions, she uses any and all methods to claim everyone, male and female, to increase her power and feed her hunger.

Lilith's chief power is seduction of a demonic nature; this is extremely powerful, able to overpower just about any mortal and a few with immortal ties as well.

Appearance Edit

Lilith's human form is that of an impossibly beautiful woman of around 20-25 years of age. She sports fair skin close towards the paleness of moonlight, vibrantly living colored red hair that is straight and wavy, extending down a few inches past her shoulders. Lilith's eyes are a dazzling green, and her lips right in the middle of thin and full, showing no outstanding features except for being a contrast to her skin. This makes it appear her lips are slightly redder than normal, though her lips are really a normal pink that stands out against her pale skin. Lilith's frame is seemingly perfect for a woman, not being too skinny, fat or muscular, though one may notice a slight leanness to her.

Lilith's features and human beauty deteriorate the less she concentrates on it; this can happen in the heat of battle or the heat of sex, as she sways her partner towards her more and lets down more of the barriers on her appearance. This will start to show in her getting increasingly lean and skinnier; Lilith's bones start to show more and more, her skeletal structure slowly morph and change to their natural shape, and her skin gets paler and paler, almost resembling that of a vampire. Lilith's tongue also changes, growing a little thinner and longer.

Lilith's path to her true form will end up taking a change in color; after going paler, the skin will start getting pinker until finally turning an almost reddish pink. The bones on her body have altered; while maintaining a basic human shape, certain features will change, such as her cheekbones altering shape to be slimmer, the vertebrae of her spinal column protruding almost spike-like extensions just below the skin, and her pelvis adopting a different "cradle" shape than standard human waists are like. Her teeth grow a bit sharper, her eyes get slim and get darker, the green changing to sickly yellow, and her bright red hair darkening towards blackness. Lilith gains horns and claws like those of regular demons. Lilith's tongue changes fully into a sharp-tipped, prehensile extension 13 inches long from the lips. Her final release involves the growth of a devil-like tail approximately as long as she is tall with an arrowhead tip, and a pair of bat-like wings large enough to envelop herself and a partner, which can be used to achieve lift and flight.

Powers Edit

Being the prime embodiment of Lust, Lilith has vast demonic ability in seduction and sexual intercourse. She possesses the baseline demon powers such as supernatural physical levels of strength and speed, generating fire, flight, infinite stamina, etc.. She has a vast array of sexual powers that go with her need to feed on sexual energy, a cursed hunger that can never be filled. To alleviate herself, Lilith must continuously have sex with anyone she finds. Through physical contact, she absorbs trace amounts of energy from one's soul; this rate of absorption increases as the contact gets more sexual. Lilith has points on her body more apt at absorbing sexual energy than others, such as her lips, tongue, and vagina. Having perfect control of all the muscles in her body, Lilith can make movements unnatural to those of human girls, such as inducing motions in her vagina through will that a woman would be unable to consciously control. Lilith is a limited shapeshifter, able to alter her demon form into that of a highly attractive human to either males or females regardless of their orientation; this couples with an always active aura of allurement that draws eyes to her and makes them wonder of lewd things. She is able to induce sexual energy into her partner from physical contact or breath inhalation, to the point that she can make them orgasm instantly.

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