Lilith is an ancient Demon Goddess and Sorceress. Known as the Mother of Demons, she is an incredibly powerful demonic entity who acquires souls by draining the life-force from her victims; she accomplishes this by using her master seductive power to lure a target close to her where she drains them through sexual intercourse. This effectively places her as the master of the deadly sin known as Lust.

History Edit


According to Mephisto, he and a number of other demonic beings, including Lilith, were created by what was described as "The cosmic suicide of a supreme primordial being which gave birth to the universe." How true this statement is remains unknown as Mephisto is known to fabricate elaborate lies that are highly believable. Lilith would be one of these many demons, though she herself has also crafted an artistic story of a biblical nature as to where she comes from.

As told by her underlings, Lilith was one of Adam's wives; stories differ as to whether she came first before Eve or after. It is said that she was the origin of the feeling of lust, and was the first living thing to lust. According to one account, it was her, not Eve, who was seduced by Satan in serpent form to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and ended up mating with the snake; another says that it was her, not Satan, who enticed and seduced Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Some say Adam, despite recognition as Eve's husband, did not actually love her but loved Lilith instead; others suggest Eve was attracted to Lilith for familiarity instead of Adam, and some go so far as to suggest Lilith taught Eve how to prey upon the lust of a man to seduce Adam to love her. Though these points differ across her followers, almost all of them brag on how Lilith was able to seduce either one of them to sleep with her.

Over a thousand generations, Lilith has acquired a cult following within humankind, and is often worshipped as a "Mother of Lust, Demons, and Magic," with some even praising her as a Goddess.

First Night with Daisy Johnson Edit

One day, Lilith was scouring the human world for a lost soul. The one she found was a superhumanly powered female by the name of Daisy, otherwise known as Quake. Lilith wrapped herself in mortal form and appeared to Daisy, slowly enticing the girl to her attention and swaying Daisy's interest towards her. Eventually, as their conversation continued, Lilith managed to seduce Daisy into spending the night with her; when Lilith ensured security in a run-down hotel managed by her underlings, she further seduced Daisy into making love; after a few minutes of activity, Daisy was quickly brought to orgasm, which due to her metahuman nature did not immediately kill her although she still passed out from the strain and exhaustion. Daisy had no knowledge of what was happening, merely slipping into a deep sleep.

The next day, Daisy woke to Lilith's smiling face, and was content with staying with Lilith for the rest of the day. The two lied in bed together for the remainder of the day, with Lilith and Daisy desiring to stay and make love after some time of rest. However, the appearance of a Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, who came to save Daisy, disrupted these plans temporarily. Robbie fought valiantly against Lilith, breaking her seductive hold on Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy was still partially in a trance, free from the seduction but her mind scattered and unable to focus as well as her body still being too weak to physically move, leaving her in no state to try to escape. This, coupled with the Rider's inability to match their power to Lilith's, resulted in the Demon's victory. Daisy soon passed out once more due to the strain on her scattered mind, after which Lilith hurled Robbie out of the Hotel room, knocking him out just long enough for Lilith to escape with Daisy to a hideout far away. By the time Robbie came to and wiped out all of Lilith's remaining servants, Daisy and the Demon were nowhere to be seen.

Abandoned hideoutEdit

Lilith kept Daisy hidden in the hideout, where she awakened after two days had passed. Finding herself in a field of pitch darkness and silence, Daisy was visited by Lilith before she could try to wander off. Lilith, using her seductive talent and beautiful look, almost instantly swayed the girl back to her interest, and in less than a minute the pair made love again. Once more, Daisy passed out after the orgasm, her energy drained of her through Lilith though thanks to her metahuman power enabling her to survive. Awakening next to Lilith the next day, she questioned her partner on what was happening; Lilith simply smiled, telling Daisy she was exerting herself too much and would learn to relax during their lovemaking, enabling them to last longer. Seemingly satisfied with her answer and eager to keep going, Daisy allowed Lilith to have sex with her again, this time relaxing some and managing to last a little longer before passing out once more. This course continued for the next few days, with Daisy slowly lasting a little more and more but unknowingly growing weaker and weaker.

Three days into their lovemaking, Lilith slowly altered her form into a red-skinned Demonic female form as she shared intimacy with Daisy, and was pleased when Daisy did not react negatively to it, having the girl's mind fully clutched to her. After her orgasm, Daisy was barely able to remain concious but found herself completely unable to move.

First RescueEdit

However, Danny Ketch, an ally of Robbie Reyes and a Ghost Rider himself, was able to find Lilith's new abode before Lilith was able to further exploit Daisy. He managed to catch Lilith away from Daisy, and activated his power; this simultaneously drew Lilith into a fight, and therefore her concentration away from Daisy, while his presence began to clear the girl's thoughts. Daisy found herself clothed and witnessing a fight between the powerful Demon that was her lover and one of Mephisto's agents gone rogue.

Realizing the evil nature of Lilith and that she was used, planned on being killed for some monster's power, Daisy teamed up with Ketch to defeat Lilith. Their combined effort was barely enough to hold their own; the pair found it quite difficult to stand against Lilith. Lilith herself, however, also had trouble bringing the pair down, so she summoned a horde of her surviving demon imps to aid her against the Ghost Rider while she tried to sway Daisy back to her. Though her words were not enough to sway Daisy back given that the human knew she would die in Lilith's company coupled with the fact she was being used as "food" and that Lilith's true form was quite unappealing and horrifying, a forced pin and kiss was sufficient to dissuade the girl from freedom. Though she still had an opportunity and choice to fight against it, Daisy grew more reluctant, and ended up giving in to the primal desires touched by Lilith; the pin and forced kiss turned into a loving embrace and makeout. Daisy had lost the care for her personal safety or the looks of Lilith's demon body; temporarily forgetting where she was and who her rescuer was, Daisy was slipping back into Lilith's grasp.

Thankfully, a blast of Hellfire from Ketch, who had fended off the imps, caught her attention, purging her thoughts and separating the pair. Lilith was unable to find another chance to seduce Daisy, and ultimately was sent back to the underworld by Ketch.

Stealing Daisy BackEdit

A few days after the battle, Lilith had recovered her energies enough to return to the mortal world. She began her search for Daisy, having to start the trek all over again since Ketch's intervention had separated the pair seemingly for good.

It would take several weeks before Lilith managed to find Daisy again. The meeting occurred in a park in Daisy's hometown; disguising herself with magic so that her human appearance was unfamiliar to the human, Lilith ended up starting a conversation with Daisy on a park bench. After a few minutes, Lilith discarded the magic, revealing herself to Daisy and attempting to suade her to her side once more. The girl, remembering what the demon had done to her and knowing she would die, flatly refused and prepared to fight Lilith again. This time, help came in the form of Peter Quill, who happened upon the park just as the fight began.

Lilith would use the help of her demon fiends, who had replenished their numbers somewhat since the last fight. Among them was a larger warrior standing 3-4 times larger than a human, though Daisy and Quill managed to defeat it nontheless.

However, during the distraction of the battle Lilith had slipped away, and looked for her opportunity. Finding it during the lapse of combat, the demon seized Daisy and immediately pulled her into an interdimensional portal. The portal closed the moment they slipped through, preventing Quill from going after her. Forcing the rescuer to travel and find help to get Daisy, Lilith finally got her human back and she wasn't about to let her go.

Daisy in Lilith's RealmEdit

Daisy found herself tied to a slab in Lilith's actual, natural home in a small cave-like chamber, somewhere deep within a hellish world. Whether it was an extension of Mephisto's Realm or Lilith's Realm altogether remained a mystery, though she had no time to think of it herself due to Lilith's arrival and subsequent attempt to seduce her once more. Emerging in her true form for the first time to Daisy, Lilith smiled and lovingly welcomed the human to her home, offering her to stay with her. Daisy put up quite the resistance to the demon, requiring Lilith to put more effort in her words and gentle touches. She claimed to know of Daisy's past, quipping at hints of Daisy's failures and friends who pretended to be friends; claiming there was no place for her on Earth, nor any love for her there, Lilith offered herself to Daisy, as a place to stay, a person to be with, someone who would cherish her and provide for her sustanence. Despite Daisy's resilience and knowledge that giving in to Lilith would ultimately kill her, she found it near impossible to fight against it due to the power of Lilith's true form augmented by her home realm; Ultimately, the demon proved to be successful against the human's mortal mind, and though the process took several long minutes, she finally managed to convince Daisy to give it a try.

Promising Daisy she would be gentle at first, Lilith began again with her smooth form against the human, slow and soft kisses coupled with a simple hug. This pulled away any of Daisy's potential barriers, if she had any left. When Lilith could tell the human was liking it and began to desire more, she freed Daisy from her bonds; in short time, the pair was actively lovemaking once more, with Daisy consumed in her desires like taking a powerful drug once more from an extended period of abstinence. Finally, Lilith had the human back in her clutches, and for the fourth time in a state of mind that she didn't want to leave. Their sex was quite strong, and this time Daisy's recovery from her last capture enabled her to last through their orgasm and remain awake and strong enough to go on. The pair was able to engage sexually for another hour before Daisy finally passed out.

As Peter Quill and Danny Ketch continue to search for Lilith's lair to rescue Daisy, Lilith maintains her grasp on her victim and continues to sexually exploit her. Thanks to a return to full seduction without any interruption, constantly fueled by Lilith's realm even when Lilith herself is absent, Daisy has essentially converted to living a life with Lilith, fully given to lust and craving for the Demon Goddess. While Lilith is away attending to other matters, Daisy remains in her home either asleep and dreaming of Lilith, or awake and waiting for her lover to return. Once Lilith comes back, the pair are always together, happily smiling and lovingly walking their home, staring out into the abyss, or into each other's eyes. They share a hug every now and then, they kiss from time to time, and sometimes sexually tease each other. When it comes time to rest, the pair always have deep sex which has come to last for a full hour, sometimes a little longer, before Daisy is unable to continue and passes out from exhaustion.

Potential RescueEdit

Lilith still has Daisy in her clutches continuing to this day. As Peter Quill and the Ghost Riders attempt to find where Lilith is keeping the girl, the Demon Goddess enjoys her security of keeping Daisy in her realm and the ease with which she has access to her. Even though their continuous lovemaking will soon result in Daisy's death, she is in no state to resist or fight back; due to Lilith's seduction, which has gone to complete and permanent mental overriding from her constant presence and loving, Daisy cares not for her personal state, practically in love with the demon and wanting to give her soul to the creature.

As ten days have passed uninterrupted, Lilith continues to make love with Daisy, who has given herself completely to the demon. Every time Lilith comes upon Daisy, the human fully welcomes her, inviting the Demon Goddess to take some of her life-force; sometimes, Lilith enjoys her exploit by presenting herself before Daisy, who almost eagerly comes to Lilith to have the Mother of Demons drain her energy. Unless someone is able to intervene, there is no chance of escape for Daisy, and eventually Lilith will have fully taken her soul from the human's lifeless corpse.

Personality Edit

Lilith, a demon, harbors negative emotions and does not care about the safety or interest of others. She is the prime embodiment of the sin of Lust; to go with this, she appears to manifest as pansexual; having an attraction to members of either male or female gender. This goes well with her demonic nature, as many who follow Biblical teachings consider her versatility as a "wrongness" due to incorporating homosexuality.

Of course, Lilith is among all the demons that not only don't care about such things, but seeks to destroy all teachings of it since it goes against her will. However, this isn't to say she supports free sexuality; rather, it is in regards that she seeks to claim the souls of all mortals no matter their preference, and due to her power and nature being tied to sexual interactions, she uses any and all methods to claim everyone, male and female, to increase her power and feed her hunger.

Lilith's chief power is seduction of a demonic nature; this is extremely powerful, able to overpower just about any mortal and a few with immortal ties as well.


  • Mephisto: As one of the different Demon Lords, Lilith has an ongoing rivalry with Mephisto, the self-proclaimed "Lord of Hell," and constantly works to supercede him as ruler of all Demons and dominator of the universe. While Mephisto has been able to persuade Lilith to work for him in the past, usually their bitter treatment of each other makes it difficult for the two to cooperate.
  • Daisy Johnson: Lilith's current victim, Daisy has been captured by the Demon Goddess a number of times, which came about from a few rescue attempts by various Ghost Riders. Upon meeting Daisy, Lilith was able to make her feel genuinely safe and friendly, though in a matter of hours had convinced the human to have sex with Lilith, who Daisy had never met and was a complete stranger to. The open vulnerability for sexual intercourse continued for the next few days until Daisy was broken from Lilith's mind control by Danny Ketch; for a brief moment during the rescue, Lilith was able to force her control back on Daisy, who for a moment submitted to Lilith's seduction and wanted to be hers again. This was quickly broken again once more by Ketch, who succeeded in breaking Daisy out completely from Lilith's control and freed her. After some time, Lilith found Daisy in isolation from protection and managed to recapture her, taking her to her realm. While Daisy initially resisted seduction and refused to submit, over the course of a few hours Lilith succeeded in getting Daisy into wanting her again, and after mating once more has made Daisy her fully willing partner.


Daisy JohnsonEdit

A SHIELD Agent that Lilith found while wandering Earth, Daisy was targeted by the Demon Goddess for feeding and was subtley seduced into submission so that Lilith could extract her energy. Sensing power within the human, Lilith had to undergo several attempts of seduction over a series of rescues to make Daisy fully hers.

  1. The initial seduction took place upon Lilith first meeting Daisy. Having selected Daisy from a population due to her superpowers, Lilith became quick friends with Daisy using her charm and had seduced her into having sex during their first night of knowing each other.
  2. During Robbie Reyes's first attempt to rescue Daisy from Lilith the very next evening, stray flashes of Hellfire were able to shake the sway Lilith had on Daisy, but did not make her coherant or restore her to full concious control of herself; rather, it put her in a state of confusion, which coupled with her weakness from Lilith's draining her life force made her passive. Lilith escaped with Daisy, and took her to another hideout, managing to return Daisy to her sway by merely coming up to her out of the shadows.
  3. During Danny Ketch's successful rescue of Daisy which occurred a couple days later, Daisy awoke from what can amount to be a deep sleep; the mind control over her breaking enough during Lilith's fight with Ketch that Daisy returned to normal and tried to help the Ghost Rider fend off the Demon Goddess. Halfway through the fight, Lilith summoned a horde of imps to occupy Ketch while she tried to put Daisy back in her sway. Though the human resisted, now being aware of Lilith's demon nature by seeing her in a demonic form and knowing her possible fate, Lilith succeeded in taking Daisy again by forcing herself upon the human with a strong kiss; Daisy hesitated to break away, and couldn't resist giving in, causing her to comfortably hold Lilith and make love with her for a moment.
  4. Lilith's temporary seduction was broken once more by a close-proximity blast of Ketch's Hellfire; not only dealing damage to Lilith and breaking her concentration, but also purging the seduction from Daisy and returning her to normal. Lilith was defeated, and Daisy rescued and resumed her life. Sometime later, Lilith returned, picking a time that Daisy was alone and vulnerable; though assisted by Star-Lord, Daisy was recaptured by Lilith and taken to her realm. After a few hours of non-stop seductive sway, Daisy ceased to resist and hesitantly allowed Lilith upon her once more, and after a brief period of tasting the Demon Goddess again, Daisy fully gave in and opened herself to Lilith.

Having finally reseduced Daisy fully, and securing her seduction by protecting the human in her realm, Lilith has free and full control over Daisy. Seduced into a completely willing slave to the Demon Goddess, Daisy makes no attempts to resist or escape, with her current state of mind being such that she could never want to leave Lilith or hold back her energy. Knowing full well what will happen to her by staying with Lilith in her realm, Daisy is aware she will grow weaker and weaker each time she has sex with the Demon Goddess, and at some point will eventually die, having no concious or thought or state of existence as the Demon will eat and consume her soul. Thanks to the seduction, Lilith doesn't have to worry anything at all from this, as Daisy actually wants this to happen, and wants Lilith to fully take her soul; the only thing keeping Lilith from doing so each time is her interest in the human's willingness, the taste of her energy, and Lilith's playful nature.

Appearance Edit

Lilith is a deceptive shapeshifting entity; therefore, she can assume any form she wishes. Over the years, she has used three distinct appearances.


Lilith 01
Lilith's human form is that of an impossibly beautiful woman of 22 years of age. She sports fair skin close towards the paleness of moonlight, vibrantly living colored red hair that is straight and wavy, extending down past her shoulders. Lilith's eye color can vary, though she usually uses green, and her lips right in the middle of thin and full, showing no outstanding features except for being a contrast to her skin. This makes it appear her lips are slightly redder than normal, though her lips are really a normal pink that stands out against her pale skin. Lilith has the perfect female frame that all women seek to acquire. In public, she wears a bright red dress sometimes accompanied with fine jewellry; alone with her partners, she usually appears fully nude.


Lilith's demon form is used when she has a seducing hold of her host during sex and wants to play with them, or sometimes during battle. This body assumes a typical appearance of a female demon, with blood red skin, sharp teeth, fully blacked out eyes and hair, horns and claws, a long sharp tongue, a characteristic devil tail and wings, and an overall modification to her body involving growing more lean and an altered skeletal structure, which has all of her bones capable of being felt beneath her skin, a more visible and slightly shape-altered ribcage, bits of her vertebrae show as a row of bumps on her back, slimmer cheekbones, and her pelvis becoming clearly visible and changing slightly to adopt a cradle shape which perfectly fits with her human victims.


Lilith 03
Lilith's true form, which she only occasionally assumes, is a fearsome sight to behold and yet still quite alluring. Her hair grows much longer, extending past her waist, and becomes an almost black, dark purple in color. Her skin becomes chalk white, with her head changing shape to adopt a pair of extensions resembling horns but being part of her skin, splitting down the middle and joining at the forehead. Her eyes glow a sickly yellow-green, surrounded by dark shading around her eyes, with the same dark shade covering her supple lips. She has sharpened talons for fingers, and her feet change to look like she is wearing heels. Her standard outfit is a quite revealing skin-tight suit, purple in color that barely covers her arms, breasts, lower torso and pelvic region, leaving her head, hands, chest, part of her midriff, and feet completely exposed. Her upper legs are covered in netting, which goes to halfway down her thighs.

Powers Edit

Lilith 04
A primordial Goddess of Lust and Mother of Demons, Lilith has tremendous power that makes her incredibly dangerous in any situation.

Demon/Goddess PhysiologyEdit

As a Demon Goddess who has existed for thousands of years, long before mankind, she has all of the basic supernatural traits of incredible strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, regeneration, and senses. She is capable of creating and manipulating Hellfire for her purposes. In addition, she is entirely ageless and immune to all disease, and therefore cannot be affected or die from the effects of aging, accelerated time, or getting sick from a lethal plague.


A master sorceress, Lilith possesses extreme magical power that remains nearly unmatched by many adversaries, including some other immortals. She is capable of astral projection, illusion, mind control, energy generation and manipulation, vision which can penetrate all surfaces, levitation and flight, teleportation, barriers, summoning, displacement of sense of time and place, and a multitude of other mystical powers.


The prime embodiment of Lust, Lilith is a Supreme master of Seduction, and is often considered the Goddess of Lust, Sex, and feeding as a result. Her array of sex-based powers is unfathomable; either her penetrative glare or her voice are capable of swaying the mind of many humans into doing her bidding with little physical effort needed. Lilith constantly generates an extremely powerful, potent form of energy within her body that is able to sway the minds of others to do her bidding, turning their hearts away from anyone close to them and making them absolutely infaturated with Lilith. This power of seduction is very strong, enough that she is easily able to get just about any mortal to have sex with her, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and preference, or marital status and vows.

She has the ability to transmit this sexual energy through the air by using her breath. She will exhale close to the target, and when they inhale it her energies will cause the mind to swim, making it harder for them to resist and easier for her to continue her seduction. Often, she'll continue the exhilation even during intercourse, continuously feeding the energy into their lungs.

Lilith's body fluids have a similar effect; when she kisses her victims, her saliva carries her sexual energy into their mouths to be absorbed into their body and seduce them. Likewise, her vaginal fluid does the same; whether it is absorbed through the skin or enters the body through an orface, the energy still seeps into the person and sways them to her.

Through physical contact, she can send energy into another's body through the skin, with the effects of "turning them on," getting them to think lewd thoughts despite their better selves, and become open and vulnerable to further manipulation. This is cumulative with time and/or physical stimulation; the longer she maintains her touch or the more intimate the activity, no matter where on the body it might be, the greater the effect becomes and the less the target will be able to resist. She is able to induce this touch with any point on her body, though she concentrates the effect through her lips, tongue, and genital region; however, once she gets to share intercourse in nudity she can use her entire body's skin area with full contact of her target.

Her demon goddess physiology grants her uncanny control of virtually every muscle in her body, to the point of being able to perform things unnatural to humans; through this she can cause parts of her body to move beneath her skin, which when pressed into the body of her victim will rub against them like a sensual massage. When she's gotten to full intercourse, she can continue this with her genitals, moving her vaginal lips against her victim as deftly and easily as if it were another mouth, performing kisses and sucking actions with it.

Known victimsEdit

  • Daisy Johnson/Quake - Current prisoner