Madame Hydra


Ophelia Sarkissian



Hair Color

Black (dyed green)

Eye Color





Hela (Love Interest)

Ophelia Sarkissian, famously known as Madame Hydra, is the leader of the secret society HYDRA.

History Edit

Born in Hungary, Ophelia was a rebel from the start. She strive to become something more and so when she was fifteen, she lead a small band of HYDRA sympathizers and overthrew the Hungarian government. The HYDRA sympathizers then welcomed Opheila into their ranks, as the first female to join the society. She helped establish a puppet government for HYDRA in Hungary, where she was the president for the country. As she grew older, her influence and insatiable hunger for power caused her to rise through the ranks in HYDRA. At age 20, she was second-in-command, under the leadership of Armin Zola. When he died from complications of a blood clot, Ophelia assumed control and changed her name to Madame Hydra.

Present Day Edit

Ophelia has maintained control and rule of HYDRA for some time, while a rising matter in America has her intertwined with.

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