Black Widow


November 22, 2000




Natalia Romanova


S.H.I.E.L.D (formerly)
League of Assassins (formerly)

Sexual Orientation


Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known as the Black Widow, is the world's most dangerous assassin and is currently on the hunt in Gotham to rescue her lover.

History Edit

Natasha was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her parents were killed when she was 6, but a man by the name of Sypre adopted her. He quickly took her to the KGB, where they placed her in the Red Room, a secret academy dedicated to making young girls into killers for Russia. Natasha submitted to the rigorous training and became mind-controlled. While this occurred, however, Natasha was the Room's finest student and graduated at the age of 16. Her first mission was to assassinate President Gorden Sevrigg of Sweden, which she completed. This set in motion a turn for the worst in the next ten years, which saw the collapse of the African continent to foreign invaders. When Natasha was 27, she moved to Gotham City, away from the pressures of SHIELD and live a life without being brainwashed. However, this changed for her when on Christmas Eve, 9 assassins took it upon themselves to accept an offer of 50,000,000 million dollars to kill the Widow.

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