Samantha Greene


May 20, 2000






135 lbs

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Some superheroing here, and making Jen mad all the time


Jennifer Walters (Neat in the streets, sexy in the sheets)
Jessica Jones (We're partners, somewhat)

I honestly don't think I need an introduction to my own page, do I? Seems kinda rude if you think about it.

History Edit

It's me, ya homegirl Sam. I grew up in beautiful scenic California, where the waves and babes are amazing. By age 6, my mother wrote and published a successful comic book series about me. I... was not too thrilled about it. Certainly someone special like me didn't need her own facade to make it big. When I was nine, my father died in a tragic aircraft accident. But by some miracle, I met my best friend and future wife, Jennifer Walters. At age 18, Jenny and I began our longing relationship. We, sadly, moved to different parts of the country, where I moved to Maine to begin studies. Also during my time away, I began pursing a career in superheroing, going by the "cutesy" name Hellcat. I should also mention that I died during this time. Yeah, I know. I blame this guy for keeping me dead and fighting in a hellish battle arena. Luckily, some costume freako named Grim Reaper resurrected me and in time too, for my collage graduation. I moved back to California to learn that Jen had gone to law school at UCLA and was planning to be a full time lawyer. We moved into a studio apartment. We had finally planned our life out, or so we thought.

Present Day Edit

I now live with a beautiful She-Hulk (she prefers Hulk now) in a small home in my hometown. I stick to crimefighting while Hulkie lives it up in the courtroom. (Don't tell her I said that)