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The Multiverse is a collection of various universes where some are parallel with each other with minor changes, and others completely different by a certain event.

History Edit

When the gods of Olympus created the universe, they left a small part of it unfinished. Norse gods came through and shaped this new territory in their own image. They, however, unintentionally created wormholes to different universes of the original, Dubbed Earth-1. The Asgardian god Odin saw this and did not think much of it, simply believing that this is how gods do their work. Within 3,000 years, different people from different universes began crossing into the other universes.

Known Universes Edit

  • Earth-1: The original universe created by the Norse gods as their own. As of 2029, no inhabitant has ventured out of this universe.
  • Earth-56: This universe shows what happens if apes were the dominant species, leading to conflicts with Midgard's Mightiest Primates and Asgard's forces.
  • Earth-233: This universe is the result of a virus known as the Legacy Virus, where most, not if all, of Earth's heroes were merged with it, causing normal civilians to take up the mantles of the fallen heroes.
  • Earth-342: Known as Age of Ultron, this universe is the result of an evil A.I., known as Ultron, who seemingly takes over the Earth within a matter of hours by corrupting and installing malware into military systems. There is an underground resistance group currently trying to take back their Earth.
  • Earth-666: Known as the Dark Dimension, this universe is ruled by an evil tyrant known as Dormammu. Only one soul has ever ventured out of this hellhole. It's best to stay away from this one.
  • Earth-1001: Known as the Prime Universe, many of the prominent heroes of Earth-1 are here. This universe is viewed as the main universe in a series of continuity stories. Many heroes and villains reside here.
  • Earth-2814: This universe is much like the Prime Universe, containing many prominent heroes of its own. One notable event within this universe is the Destruction of Krypton.
  • Earth-44920: Known as the Prototype universe, this universe is the result of an virus known as the BLACKLIGHT Virus being unleashed in the target area of New York City, now known as New York Zero. The military are busy trying to retake the city as a result of Operation Ozone.
  • Earth-1200: In this universe exist worlds rich in magic, with legends made from true fantasies. One of the worlds in this universe is Ivalice.