Thaddeus Ross





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(To be filled in)


General of the Army (Earth-44290)
Secretary of State (Earth-1001)





General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross is a United States Military Officer, and the current head of the Air Force Wing charged with clearing New York Zero of the BLACKLIGHT virus.

History Edit

Ross grew up in a military environment, with both his father and paternal grandfather in the United States Military. At some point, he joined the USAF and became an officer. His career was successful enough that he eventually attained the rank of Four-Star General. He has a daughter, Elizabeth "Betty" Ross, who is currently taking a liking to Dr. Bruce Banner despite General Ross's dislike of him.

At some point during the first outbreak of the BLACKLIGHT virus on New York City, General Ross had limited involvement, often relaying assets and support to Lieutenant General Peter Randall, the head of operations during the outbreak.

General Ross was then reassigned to take direct action against the second outbreak, working in league with Blackwatch commanders and the conventional military force of the combined United States Armed Forces, acting as the head of Air Force operations.

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