• Danno-048


    April 30, 2018 by Danno-048

    Norman Osborn stood at the window in his office, staring out into Manhattan.

    Holding a glass in his hand, he contemplated deeply on the past week. Norman couldn't think how it had come to this; contract withdrawals, doubt in his success, budget cuts, and betrayal within his own board. Though it had taken his whole life to build Oscorp, the most powerful business on the east coast, within a matter of days his dream began to crumble and collapse before him.

    Taking a small sip, Norman continued to ponder. They were just on the rise of a great project which could have made him not just the most powerful man in the city, but perhaps the country as well. He presented the idea himself to the board of directors, and after winning a majority approva…

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  • Danno-048

    Revenge of Iris

    April 23, 2018 by Danno-048

    She wanted to be left alone.

    Ayana Hirasaka, a broken young girl who lived in Nara, Japan, was walking home from school with her younger brother, Satoru. She didn't say much to him during their walk. She never said much, not since four years ago when the devastation happened that shaped her into what she was now. Her brother talked a lot, but his words flew right over her head like birds soaring through the clouds.

    Ayana's concentration was internal; kept within the confines of her mind. The deep, dark confines that no one could ever really see into no matter how hard they tried. There was her family, but they weren't her real family; they never were her real family, with the exception of Satoru who was all she had left of who she was. There…

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  • Danno-048

    Welcome to America!

    August 16, 2013 by Danno-048

    Hey all, The Real KYR SP33DY has come to America with her Girlfriend! They have moved to Huntsville, Alabama. They had a safe flight thank goodness, and are now adjusting to life in the US. Welcome these Russian girls to the land of Liberty! :D

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