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  • The Real KYR SP33DY

    Cold Sword

    June 19, 2018 by The Real KYR SP33DY

    Outskirts of Gotham City, New Jersey

    Three weeks after Helicarrier explosion

    September 23, 2032

    Nick Fury couldn't explain it. He didn't know how loyalists of Ra's Al Ghul managed to plant bombs on the Helicarrier. He knew he couldn't hold Natasha responsible. After all, she tried her best to warn him that he would return to kill her and Nyssa. He looked over at the pair, seeing Natasha caressing Nyssa's face, a tear down her cheek. He stood and approached the grieving Widow.

    "Natasha, I'm sorry. You know if I listened to you, the government would have had their suspicions on why I let you two go. We are trying our best to contain Gotham without alerting them and now this," He stumbled over his word, which left the Widow herself to look up and…

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  • The Real KYR SP33DY

    "Shiva, the sex is just not the same. It's me, in all honestly, I've literally lost my drive since my Beloved is still missing," Natasha murmurs to her toy. She strokes her jet black hair before sighing softly.

    Shiva nods softly and strokes the Demon's face gently, giving her soft kisses on her neck. Natasha groans softly and kicks her legs gently, taking in Shiva's actions.

    "Oh but you feel so good..." Natasha whispers, before pulling away and sitting up. She grabs her head and sighs again. Shiva stops and whimpers a little.

    "My Queen, I'm sorry. Should I leave you alone for the time being?" Shiva squeaked up. She only forced herself to go under the Soviet's reign of the League of Assassins after she realized she was not the same spy as befo…

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  • The Real KYR SP33DY

    "I'm going to get serious for this one time. Universe hopping can get you killed, Gwen, now you need to come back before danger finds you," the voice on the line quipped.

    "Oh no, I'm losing you bzzzt do you hear that bzzt it sounds like you're breaking up-gotta go," Gwen hung up and fumbled the teleporter in her other hand. She fell back, allowing the teleporter to be activated.

    "Nonononono!" Gwen scrambled on top of the teleporter, which blinded her by its flash.

    When she opened her eyes, she felt... cold, and wet. She looked up and realized that she was laying in the middle of some medieval-looking colony. 

    Wait, colony?

    As Gwen stood, a number of people crowded around her. One of the kids poked her with a stick.

    "Hey! Quit that, you people ac…

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  • The Real KYR SP33DY


    That's all she heard.


    What was that noise?


    Was she dreaming?

    Welcome Home

    That voice

    Wake up

    She knew what it was

    Wake up

    It was a mirage

    Wake up

    She needed to open her eyes


    Natasha woke in a broken-out sweat, clutching her chest, taking deep breaths. She was in her chambers and she looked over at the empty space. A single tear streamed down her face and her heart started to ache. 

    "Sweet Nyssa... I will find you, my darling. My blood."

    She crept out of the bed and strolled over to the mirror on the wall. She looked at herself, her hair a soft shade of blonde, shorter than it ever has been. She stifled up a gasp of dispair and looked down at the cuts and bruises on her body, mementos of conflict and torture. She looked back up a…

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  • The Real KYR SP33DY

    A seemingly pleasant night in the kingdom of Asgard, the stars align perfectly without much work, the galaxies glisten brightly, no air pollution tonight. Close to the throne room lies the chambers of Loki, the Goddess of Mischief, and with her tonight: her on/off again girlfriend, Amora, or Enchantress. Amora seems to be put off by Loki's schemes once more..

    "..Then we shall rule Asgard with an iron fist!" Loki proclaims, standing proudly in only her undergarments.

    Amora sighed softly, "Loki..." she started.

    "That's Lady Loki to you, Amora," Loki interrupted.

    "Excuse me, Lady Loki, that idea is really insane. Even if you could pull this cosmic force from deep space, do you really think you can control it?" Amora asks, crossing her legs.


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