Velvet Templeton


June 5, 1992






The Whisperers



Velvet Templeton is a former assistant director of a criminal organization only known as SPYDER.

History Edit

Born Jessica Taylor " Velvet " Templeton, she grew up in London, England. Her childhood was about average, nothing too spectacular but nothing too dull. When she was 12, Her parents were killed in the Second Treigton-Cloms War, on the planet Wer in the Zaba System. Wanting to follow in her parents footsteps, she began to train her mind and body through rigorous and vivid dreamlike fighting simulations. Using this, she also taught herself the ways of spy-craft and became intrigued with the paranormal. At age 23, she found herself working within a organization, where she quickly rose through the ranks.

However, on September 23, 2028, she flushed all accounts released every known safehouse and Agents of SPYDER to the entire world. Velvet went into hiding soon after this and after six months, reemerging under a fake identity and moved to Gotham. It was around this time that she met Cassandra Cain and Jubilation Lee to form the Whisperers.

Present Day Edit


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