Laura Kinney
X-23 Marvel Comics


January 17, 2012


Mutant (Clone)




Weapon X (formerly)

Laura Kinney, better known by her experiment name X-23, is a mutant who has taken over Wolverine's position as team leader of the X-Men

History Edit

30 years after the escape of the Wolverine from the Weapon X facility, Dr. Jason Rice, son of Dr. Vincent Rice, received a vial of Logan's DNA from an unknown benefactor. He immediately began to clone the DNA into embryos to create a new batch of mutants. After 22 unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Rice's 23rd attempt prove successful. Dubbed X-23 by her makers, she demostrated a personal sense of closure to her surrogate mother, Sarah Kinney. Named Laura, Sarah began to raise her child with love and support. However, the scientists wanted to breed Laura into a killer and began to force the child through various torture sessions and the introduction of a trigger scent that caused Laura to go berserk and murder whoever was wearing the scent. Sarah began to work in secret to free the other mutants and her daughter. On January 17, 2024, Sarah and few other scientists freed 50 mutant children, including Laura. Sarah found Dr. Rice and threw the trigger scent onto him, causing Laura to brutally maul him. However, Dr. Rice had implanted a vial of the scent into Sarah's pocket and it broke as the facility was cleared and exploded. Laura approached her mother and killed her, before cutting herself and howling at the moon.

2024-2026 Edit

Laura wandered the Canadian wildlands for months, hunting game and living with the wolves. In December of 2024, she was approached by Charles Xavier and asked to join the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She accepted and began her studies there. In 2026, she met the X-Men for the first time, including Gambit, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost, and Wolverine. The next day, Wolverine disappeared with Professor X and sent the entire school scrambling for answers. Cyclops approached Laura and asked her to lead the X-Men, stating "It's what your father would have wanted."

Present Day Edit

Laura leads the All-New, All Different X-Men, consisted of Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Domino, and Spider-Woman. She is currently searching for Wolverine to bring back Professor X.

Powers Edit

Adamantium Claws- Laura's bone claws, consisting of two claws in her hands and one in her feet, was grafted with the metal Adamantium.

Class 5 Healing Factor- Laura's healing factor is greater than her father's, allowing her to heal from wounds faster and grow missing body organs quicker as well.