The Xenomorph Hybrid, otherwise known as the Predalien or the Abomination by the Yautja, and sometimes simply as the Hybrid, is a unique individual of the Xenomorph species. A highly dangerous creature, the Hybrid threatens all life on a particular human colony world with the development of a large Hive. It shares a unique emotional bond with its first human victim, who the creature has taken as a mate.

Biology Edit

A unique strain of Xenomorph, the Hybrid was first created as a Queen Embryo inside a Royal Xenomorph Egg. During a Predator hunt on another world, the Facehugger inhabiting the Egg attacked one of the hunters, successfully implanting him with the Embryo. The hunt resulted in failure, and as the Predators left the planet the new creature emerged as a Chestburster, quickly mutating into adult form and killing just about everyone aboard.

Enhanced Edit

Having experienced a number of circumstances unique to it, the Hybrid possesses several traits that are not normal among Xenomorphs. First is the fact that it is a Queen, granting it leadership abilities for Xenomorphs, a seat of power in a Hive, and the ability to grow and lay Eggs. Second is the genetic information taken from the Yautja it gestated inside; unlike Human Xenomorphs, this Predalien creature is immensely strong as well as agile, combining the stealth, cold body, and acid blood of a Xeno with the thermal sense, strength, and innate hunter mindset of a Predator. The creature does inherit a set of Mandibles on its face as well as dreadlocks on the back of its head, both reminiscent of its Predator inheritance.

Predalien Edit

As a Queen-turned-Predalien, the Hybrid gestates standard Chestburster Embryos within its body; its Xenomorph tongue which possesses a secondary jaw is also connected to a hollow throat, which is used to dispense as many as 4-5 Chestburster Embryos within a sapient host body.

Unnatural Mutations Edit

Experiencing a sort of "birth defect" in its early life, the Hybrid ended up undergoing certain mutations that should not be allowed for it. While its standard mode of growing the Hive's numbers would be to find human victims and use the regular Predalien method, the Hybrid has managed to find other ways adapted specifically to allow its prime victim, a Human Girl who became its mate, to survive all impregnations.

The first method it came up with was simple; attaching its mouth to the Girl's vagina instead of her face, locking its mandibles quite comfortably around her waist. Its standard Embryos, still deployed in 4-5 numbers at any one time, only require a warm, moist cavity to reside in while they gestate and grow; a Human female's womb, such as the one belonging to its mate, is the perfect spot for this, as the womb is biologically designed and built to sustain growing life inside of it to begin with. Additionally, since the womb already possesses a natural opening that is the passage of the birth canal, the emerging Chestbursters would simply crawl out of the vagina, not being confined in a fully enclosed space like the Chest cavity and therefore not needing to claw their way to escape. This method has the side affect of being quite a pleasurable experience for the mate.

Another method developed became apparent after the Hybrid realized the Girl's continued presence began to instill changes in her. The Hybrid would excrete minuscule amounts of its genetics within its mate each time it impregnated her, and this genetic material would end up invading and changing the Girl in tiny ways. While it would grant some "evolutionary" changes such as increased physical attributes and tuning to the environment of the Hive, it also resulted in modifying her stomach specifically to cradle young Chestbursters, to later be gently delivered via the mouth without harm. This way, the Hybrid could use its originally intended way of impregnation, inserting its proboscis into its mate's throat via the Predalien kiss. This way ended up not only becoming the more intimate form of insemination, but occasionally ended up being how the pair remained while sleeping together, the Hybrid keeping its mouth attached to her face as they rested.

As time continued, further unnatural mutations created a final method for creating more Xenos; developing a Queen trait, the Hybrid gained the ability to grow actual, full Xenomorph Eggs within a womb of its own, deliverable via the typical Ovipositor growth used by standard Queens or without one. Both forms involved the Egg travelling a "birth canal" passage much like that of a Human female's. It could then choose to insert these Eggs half-grown within it's mate's body, where it could remain to continue growing inside her until fully developed, and then she would lay them herself.